Bhutanese Perspective of Phallus

The phallus is the integral part of Bhutanese paintings. If you happen to visit Bumthang (not necessarily sticking to it) you will see that every corner of the wall of the house bear a clear picture of phallus. Some prefer to paint; others curve the proxy and hang it by the corner of the roof or in the door itself. Sometime it is embarrassing that the first one to welcome you in home is the giant Phallus. But looking deeper into the meaning, one would appreciate why it is there.<br /><br />The Phallus is seen in Bhutanese homes in many forms. Some are painted scary red on the wall while others are hung from the four corners of the roof. In other parts of the country, the phallus is erected in the post at the front of the house. Still few prefer to keep it right at the entrance, hard and pointed.<br /><br />The perspective of phallus I present here is restricted to my own hallucination and nothing of the serious research findings. But as far as I have heard people explain, especially when tourist are around with a camera and suddenly they turn to the guide and ask, “What is that?” “Drukpa Kuenley’s lacha”, come the prompt reply.<br /><br />But seriously, the phallus is in Bhutanese homes probably because they think that the picture itself can drive out the evil spirits. The presence of phallus in homes keeps away misfortune, sickness, worry and hardships from homes. Since the phallus is related to Drukpa Kuenley (divine Madman) it is considered as sacred and is revered and respected. These are only the reasons I could think of, perhaps the kuzu folks might like to add some more.<br /><br />I only wonder why invest time and money when there are enough live phallus at home of varying sizes and shapes. So, next time you build a house, never bother to paint or hang instead live under the refugee of blessings of what you already got!!!
Posted on 05 Feb 2007 by ugeent

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by ugeent @ 05 Feb 2007 11:12 pm
I suppose I have posted a picture with this article. Why didn\&#039;t it appear? But i trust CEO...he may not have felt the worth. Just curious!!!
by ik @ 05 Feb 2007 11:17 pm
pic with post will be better
by PurestofPain @ 05 Feb 2007 11:24 pm
I m doing my disseration on wall paintings in Bhutan and as phallus is an integral part of bhutanese wall painting I have tried to illustrate its drive out evil is one as u said and the other important is the sanctity of the painting. <br /> <br /> think u r getting wrong when u compare it with the live a Buddhist we got to realise tht Bhutanese art has its root in Buddhism and no other forms can substitue it. <br />no offence...just a suggestion...
by ugeent @ 05 Feb 2007 11:37 pm
ik...i did post a picture...a very terrying one. Perhaps...CEO/Moderators too got really scared. is taking time to upload. Have patience, will see it soon. <br /> <br />Purestofpain, <br />haha...the live phallus subsitituing the painting was just the spice/or something like a dessert after the reading. Dun take it seriously. Neway thanks for the suggestion. Tashi, if you are really doing some desseration on it, perhpas, catch hold of some religious or old man. They will have the information at galore. <br /> <br />At last, I can only hope, you are doing ur studies and keeping good urself down thre in India. Had good time reading your stories too here in kuzu. <br /> <br />Keep well
by jurmi @ 06 Feb 2007 12:42 am
a friend once said to me that one reason we have the phallus is so that the phallus actually reflects whatever/however we feel, perceive the thing. typical lama drukpa kinley method to the madness. bringing forth the things most embarassing and placing it right infront of your nose!
by feminist @ 06 Feb 2007 01:01 am
oh...... those phallus actually represent the dominance of men over women...just my thought...or else we can have female phallus or phillas( to be more feminine) lolz.....n im sure the feminine phillas wud be more protective n powerful as well.......
by malenist @ 06 Feb 2007 06:36 am
&quot;when there are enough live phallus at home of varying sizes and shapes&quot; - yes ugeent i&#039;m sure you would know hint hint ;)
by samzang @ 06 Feb 2007 09:40 am
ugeent, <br /> don&#039;t mentain bumthang in particular, i think all the bhutanese house have one hanging, but hope u woun&#039;t mind for this tay.any how never been to other dzongkha.u know i have biggest live phallus wating at home, next time i ll save it for my dream house.hai take care till then see u.
by alone @ 06 Feb 2007 03:41 pm
ugeent.....yea its a nice article again.....u said, &quot;next time you build a house, never bother to paint or hang instead live under the refugee of blessings of what you already got!!!&quot;, but how about the ones like me who dont have any live phallus..hehehe...
by KarmaCW @ 06 Feb 2007 08:37 pm
The image of phallus being painted on the walls, hung from roof edge, or erected in front of the house or nailed right above the entrance door is an age-old tradition. But sadly, we cannot see it in the new buildings in town; this shows that we are losing our tradition. It may not be convenient with the modern structures, but it is with the traditional Bhutanese houses, however none of the traditional Bhutanese houses in and around the town bear this sacred sign. Let&#8217;s preserve it and leave the live one for its own purpose! <br /> <br />Nice topic brought up by you, dear Ugyen.
by Koko @ 06 Feb 2007 09:42 pm
I used to enjoy Kuzo but with this ad coming, I am begining to not enjoy the website
by nawangpenstar @ 06 Feb 2007 11:22 pm
\&quot;I only wonder why invest time and money when there are enough live phallus at home of varying sizes and shapes. So, next time you build a house, never bother to paint or hang instead live under the refugee of blessings of what you already got!!!\&quot; I don\&#039;t understand what you are trying to say exactly. I thought you were writing on the significance of such artifice, but your article rather shows a sign of mockery for our tradition. I heard these phallus are there to drive away the misfortunes. Usually, there are put up on the new structures, because it is believed new buldings would soon become the talk of the town, if you may call it, and as a result it brews misfortunes for the owner. So, the sight of red giant, often representing the Phurpa, channel away the ill-luck. My two cents! Keep posting such issues!
by hhh @ 07 Feb 2007 01:34 am
Next time should we try to keep woman&#039;s lacha rather than drukpa kinleys one. NO, womans would be weird.
by NORBU @ 07 Feb 2007 04:49 am
Sorry folks, I was offline for almost 3 days. Since everyone here knows what we are talking about, I think the picture is not really required. Besides, I get the feeling some Kuzu folks may not be comfortable having it published. This is from my observation of comments when I posted picture of \&#039;Yab-Yum\&#039; some time back. <br /> <br />Koko, <br />We will try not to disrupt or outshine the page with ads. I believe we have acceptable number so far. Your point is seriously noted. Thanks really!
by student abroad @ 07 Feb 2007 10:39 am
once while i was going through bhutanese images in google in one of my computer class, i accidently clicked on a traditional house with the pic of the thingy on the walls. the girls near me imediately started whispering dat i was into porn stuff. beleve me, that was one embarasing moment.
by pOgO @ 07 Feb 2007 04:15 pm
for female its called MALLAS not philas
by Pretty Woman @ 07 Feb 2007 07:27 pm
I have seen this so called phallus hanging from every corners of the house but didn&#039;t know as to what it signifies for. Well...its a good knowledge anyway...keep it up. By the wer r u ugeeeent???/
by Mediator @ 08 Feb 2007 02:39 pm
I didnt understand wat koko mean to say, i think people are ellaborating the history and culture here for good... I think you should resist it sometimes
by Gupdroep @ 09 Feb 2007 12:09 am
Someone did a relatively extensive research on this very matter. If I am not mistaken, it was someone like Gopilal Acharya from Kuensel at one point. <br /> <br />Do people know what &quot;Kharam&quot; is? It is when people talk about you in mostly negative terms, and then something bad befalls upon you. I was told that large penises painted on a new house distracts such people, and they talk about the painting and not the house or its owners, thereby saving the residents from &quot;Kharam.&quot; Other reasons attributed to the penises, hanging or painted, include &quot;to ward off evil spirits,&quot; for fertility and prosperity, and the &quot;raldri&quot; or sword usually hung with the phalluses is to cut through ignorance that obscures our minds. So I have been told.
by YesheyP @ 09 Feb 2007 07:52 pm
ugeent, <br />Thanks for your call that day. I am still busy hunting for my second daughter\&#039;s school since she could not qualify for govt. scholarship. For this reason, I still could not start working on my research and come to Chukha to enjoy your tea. <br /> <br />Rgds.
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